whoops, I accidentally posted this without writing anything...

Basicslly, I think we need a manual of style. That is, rules for making a page. For example, I'm thinking:

1. You must provide your URL if you are making a profile page
2. Use Standard English grammar
Failure to meet these requirements will result in your page being deleted within 60 days....

and stuff like that.

This is mostly because I've had to abandon waaaay too many pages due to the link being out-dated or there being no link at all. Making rule pages is probably a good idea too. The Naruto wiki is a stellar example of organized rules and manuals.

Also, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET INTO MEDIAWIKI:COMMON.CSS??? Ctrl + f5 just makes my volume go down :(( I want to make stylization edits, but I can't get into the .css by-passer and this page helped none