A list of various tasks for editors to work on in order to improve the wiki. Feel free to add to this!

User PagesEdit

  • Mark poorly made pages for deletion (delete pages with no link immediately, as it is impossible to expand them)
  • Fix any spelling or grammar mistakes for the remaining pages

Info PagesEdit

  • Groups Page (expand info and clarify)
  • Quizzes Page (add info)
  • FAQ (add questions)
  • Settings (make sure everything is accurate as of the latest update)
  • Expand the article about Roleplay (make a better explanation and add more info)
  • Expand the article about the feed


  • Reformat the Homepage so it looks better on all devices (ask Yuri )
  • Work on the Forum


  • Delete unneeded categories
  • Remove inaccurate categories from articles
  • Accurately categorize all user pages
  • Place all remaining user pages into the Users category
  • Go through all of the remaining uncategorized pages


  • Mark unused images for deletion
  • Mark all duplicate images for deletion
  • Rename used images to uniform format



  • create story and quiz infobox

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