Takara in her current form

Takara is an OC character in the Naruto Fandom. The owner of Takara owns nothing else related to Naruto or the pictures displayed. That all goes to their respected owners.

Takara's BackstoryEdit

Takara used to be part of the last known clan of angels that watched over the world. They resided on the outskirts of Konoha peacefully, until demonic chakra entered all their systems and possessed them. The only survivor of this bizarre plague was Takara Lyte, a young girl about the age of five at the time. She was chosen for something greater by some sort of divine being above her. Young Takara didn't know this at the time, and just ran into the open arms of the Leaf Village, starting her life over.

She greatly excelled in the acadamy, graduating at a premature age, and went on to become a chuunin while many around her age were just about to graduate. She worked herself harshly day and night, pushing herself to become an ANBU when she was only 14. She tore herself away from absolutely everyone around her, only going back down to Jounin level recently.

Evading DeathEdit

Takara has managed to escape a deadly fate many times, but her most recent attempt to do so has resulted in her becoming a vampire. Takara had developed a severe form of cancer, but was bitten by a vampire and rose one week after she "died."

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