Spoopy Overall Edit

Spoopy is a girl on the Quotev site that is mostly known for her unusual amount of ocs that she creates. Currently, she has over 300 ocs and counting. It is unknown whether or not she'll stop. Her URL is SoManyOcs .

Spoopy Personal Edit

Currently, the most information about her is that she lives in a small town in Nebraska, is Native American, and that she has six siblings.

Her ocs Edit

Currently, she has over 300 ocs that have a variety of names, from common, to unusual, to names translated into another language. Most of her ocs are not human or at a humanized version of something. She has bountiful ocs, some she wishes to not talk about to her fear of them being 'weebish'. Currently, her newest ones are from Rooster Teeth's RWBY. She commonly talks about some certain ocs to a friend of her's who will remain unnamed until further notice. She will post rp memes whenever she feels the need to rp for the many ocs she has.

To date: 385 OCs

Fandoms Edit

Her fandoms will vary from whether they're show/book fandoms or just fandoms on the site like Color Fandom. She has ocs in the Homestuck, Legend Of Korra, +Anima, Heroes of Olympus, Creepypasta, Steven Universe, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, Supernatural, Sky High, Pokemon, Miraculous Ladybug, RWBY, and KHR (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) fandoms, however, those are only the fandoms for shows and books. Her fandoms on the site include Essence, Sweets, Soda, Dessert, Gemstone, Periodic Table, Emotions, Ice Cream, Memes (Yes, this was real), Fandom, Time, Flower, Feeling Fairy, Galaxy, Book Genres, Planet, Insects, Websites, Sports, Kinetics, Song, Zodiac, and Shape. However, there are ocs that could be a fandom, she just simply won't do it. She herself has attempted to start several fandoms to little avail.

Personality Edit

She is a neutral person who prefers to not take sides or even read about the drama. She seldom looks at the feed so she will hardly notice any drama going on between people. She tends to never start anything in fear of being rejected or having a half-hearted rp starter that can only suggest immediate cut off. Her fallback conversation is about her ocs which she has bountiful amounts of information about. She doesn't post much except for the occasional spam of rp memes or an occasional post that she finds funny.

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