Spec (also called Stewart or Spencer) has been lurking around Quotev for a long while, being active almost every day since 2015. Thing is, he has gotten many, many deleted accounts, some of which he dreaded being deleted because a successful fan fiction was on that account. All in all, he is normally a role player, and such a loser. But isn’t everyone on Quotev a loser in some way?

Personality Edit

Spec is a very obnoxious person, and could probably ruin your day. Though, he stalks his feed and posts on it so frequently you can barely tell if he gets sleep. He normally doesn’t.

Stewart is a roleplaying machine, and will use every single anon he can get his grimy hands on for the sweet taste of roleplay. Spec /loves/ angst and gore roleplay, and occasionally, smut is an option. He just loves roleplay, and has recently been neglecting roleplay with other people for reasons unknown.

He is normally friendly around people that he is new to, but can barely hold up one stable friendship. The only thing he can hold up is him and his lover’s relationship. Spec is quick to judge other people, and can get ahead of himself, saying things he might not mean. He may also have anger issues.

99% of the time, Stewart is on the Internet somewhere, whether it be playing video games, or stalking Quotev. He has an unhealthy addiction to this, making him normally avoid conversations in real life, and only has a select few people he would greet.

Spencer, over the years, has gone by many many names to avoid being deactivated. It’s almost like he robbed a bank and uses fake IDs to get away. Some of his past names are Rosa, Yin, Acid, Valentin, Nathan, ect. He is better at lying than anyone should ever be, and no one would even notice. He is quite slick with his words as well.

to be continued, im really fuckin tired oofEdit