Sora and lots of other people is an account that specializes in OCs and RPing and has 

OCs and Winry RockbellEdit

So the OCs and Characters on this account are as follows

Sora- A feisty and determined young wolf demon with a temper as firey and sharp as her sword. Engeretic with a generally cheerful demeanor Sora easily befriends just about anyone she meets

Lucy- A blondie who is a cheerful and determined prankster and enjoys nothing more than annoying Sora. Being madly in love with the show Doctor Who she will gladly slaughter anyone who gets in the way of her watching it.

Yui- An angel who seems shy and softspoken at first but is a true adventurer at heart. Being an angel she can never ever LIE but everyone is fairly used to this at this point.

Luke: Lucy's genderbend and literally her polar opposite. Where Lucy would gladly sit inside watching Doctor Who Luke would be up and outside playing basketball. Luke hates Doctor Who with a passion something Lucy wants to kill him for.

Winry Rockbell-  Winry is a character from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. An aspiring and talented young automail mechanic Winry is very brainy and HATES when her well made automail gets wrecked by Edward Elric her childhood friend. Feisty and as firey as Sora Winry is not someone you wanna mess with~!

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