SirRabies is a male Quotev user that joined on June 15, 2013. He tends to make several quizzes and less stories, but both seem to get a fair amount of takers on his standards.
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A picture of SirRabies' cat, Casper.

History on QuotevEdit

SirRabies' earliest writings revolved around typical quizzes related to Call of Duty. Such as "What do other COD Gamers see in you?" and "Which COD Company is right For You?".

Later on, SirRabies' quizzes began to turn into more custom made quizzes like "What Dragon Spirit Are You?" and "What Cat are You?". He also made a fairly popular quiz known as "Vampire, Werewolf, or Ghost?".

SirRabies' most popular and succesful quiz is believed to be "What Meme Are You?". It had his most takers, comments, and favorites on it.

Some time later, SirRabies' also created a group known as "Warrior Cats RP". Which, as you can guess, is an RP for the Warriors series. However as of now, the RP was taken down, most likely due to how it was only used for one day.

At this point in time, SirRabies' has created 2 stories. "The Rising", which is a zombe-survival story, and a constantly updated Warriors fan-fiction called "Shattered Memories - Mapleshade's Story [WORK IN PROGRESS]". He is also mentioned to be keeping the sequel to "The Rising", known as "The Awakening", on hold due to the production of Shattered Memories.

His most recent quiz at this point is known as "What COD Character are you Most Like?"


SirRabies is said to be a kind person when talking to others, and goes very detailed when in RP mode. Although on his earliest quizzes he has seemed to be very harsh with his answers.

He appears to be a very dedicated Warriors fan, to the point of make a fan-fiction and an RP. He is also one of those rare people who likes Warriors and cats, but is still a guy who can like COD too.

At this point in time, he has 61 followers, has published 33 writings, and is following one person, who is his IRL friend, Gabe.

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