Roleplaying is a popular activity that can be found in some groups and a large number of users on Quotev participate in this. You pick out a scenario (Vampire x Human, Coffeshop AU, etc.), storyline (a basic plot) with a fellow user or users. Usually, there's a set of rules to follow to prevent inconvenience in the group. Make sure to read them carefully!

Some serious roleplayers have a strict set of rules, but others can have only a few rules. There are "1x1 roleplays", where you only roleplay with one person. Group roleplays are public and people all roleplay together. Some examples are high school, family, or camp roleplays.

Examples of RoleplayEdit

You can either roleplay descriptive (also called literary style) or script style. Both are equally valid, though everyone has their preferences!


This style is a lot like writing part of a story. You describe what your character or characters do in full sentences. For example: "Julie took a deep breath and entered her new high school. She awkwardly slipped through the halls, avoiding the stares of the other students. Eventually, she found the office and stepped inside. When Julie reached the counter, she gave the middle-aged lady standing behind it a shy smile. 'Hi. My name is Julie Marquez, and I'm here to pick up my class schedule,' the blonde said nervously."


For example; "Julie: *walks into the office and looks for the secretary* Hello, I'm Julie. I need my schedule."

Roleplay in Groups (currently a wip)Edit

Common SetupEdit


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