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Rin and ark's profile picture.

Rin and Ark is a Quotev user and roleplayer. Has a few OC's and roleplays as many anime characters.

OC's and StuffEdit

Rin and Ark have a few other Oc's with them on their page incuding:

-Devin: A lovestruck personality of Ark. Thanks to Cass's cloning and sciency stuff, Devin now has his own body, and will hug anyone he meets.

-Cass: A sociopath that was yet another of Ark's personalitys until he got tired of Devin's constant sighing, and cloned their individual personalitys into seperate bodys, leaving Ark alone in his mind. 

-Britain: An Hetalia OC, and a younger version of England, and will murder anyone that interupts him while watching Doctor Who. Kind to anyone not inteupting his favorite show, and a bit nerdy, anyone who meets him quickly befriends him.

-Ark: The last OC on this page, Ark is a Timelord with a TARDIS type Omega 77, and seems to be completely insane. But sometimes, when he stops throwing waffles everywhere, he's quite serious. His dearest wish is to go back home to Gallifrey, his planet. 

-Rin Okumura: The main character from the anime Blue Exorcist, Rin is 'hotheaded, annoying, and a bit short.' Says Ark. While these are true, Rin is very kind to his friends and will burn anyone who messes with them.

Rin: Thats it. For now.

Devin: BYE~

Cass: Goodbye, reader.

Ark: See ya!

Britain: I hope i'll see you again.

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