Rebecca ( @RainbowUnicornofAwesome) is well, probably one of the most stubborn, nice people I have ever met in my life. Take note this is written by China, okay. No one else.
  1. IHaveBadGrammar,AndICANTwrite.

Before I get into writing, I shall tell you a bit about her.

 Shes thirteen, lives in a small part of Canada,and uwu ships all the gay bby ships on planet earth. I've noticed that. Shes actually whats kept me from being homophobic, and shes been really supportive to me and my new crush. So you can call her that supportive friend, but thats not simply all she is.

Shes protective, loving, kind, sweet, and more endeared to me than anyone I have ever met in my entire life. And I know a lot of people, but she stands out the most to me, as a true person in my life despite us having never met face to face. She has flaws, but isnt that what makes people perfectly imperfect? What makes u a great leader, or a great friend? She isnt very popular, but if I ever had to go and rank her for her skills as a friend, she'd knock the people with 3,000 followers right off the damn planet. Just, wow, okay. And that was only the little bit.

   To further on that, when I first came to Quotev on October 28th, 2011, I wanted to kill myself. I had a lot going on, then. And If it matters to anyone, exactly a few days before meeting her and Karli, I was going to kill myself. Yep. And it just seemed that.. After two years on the site and being ignored, unsatisfied with Harry Potter RP groups and stories, that I wouldnt matter very much dead. But after we all met and had our first RP together, and my very first in history; I saw I enjoyed the activity, and making new friends. I wasnt always this bubbly, or this happy. And of course other people could say they helped too, but with no other questions: This person, this unnoticed person, this Rebecca

Saved my life. -China, @CupcakeDestroyer/ @huehuehue / @GiveYourHeartToHumanity


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