A well-known and almost sacred tradition on Quotev, Quotev After Dark is exactly what it sounds like.

This ceremonial night includes many traditions including depressed love sick girls and a splash of randomness. Also, the roleplay accounts go wild, with the roleplays screaming at their admins, basically the admins talking to themselves. NOBODY IS SAFE. M!A's go crazy and people turn yandere. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, and hide yo chickens. Welcome to Quotev After Dark.

Quotev After Dark usually starts at around 9:00pm when most NORMAL people, which Quotevians AREN'T, go to sleep.

It is a very scary time for most, but for others, very fun.

The tradition is always morphing, but the main part stays the same; become the crazy little shit you would never be in real life or on Quotev in the day. Be who you want to in those few hours, no one is judging. They are all doing exactly the same thing!

So, enjoy~

It started with Gabe General and the Fam aka Kat, Sara, Soph, Maggie, Chey, Julia, Le, Sky, Erica, Suds, Lauryn & Ray-j 🐶