in her true form, a fox

Hermion Granger, now Hermione Pendragon is all up on Artie whenever he's on. She gay af sometimes but dats ok bc we stILL LOVE HER.

She's also cuter than you.

Bacon number is 3.


OORP she has the cutest goddamn pixie cut ever like she is a fabulous pixie from Pixie Hallow. Don't touch her or she'll rip your nostrils off and glue them to your eyelids. She's hella short though so she might need a step ladder but it'll happen eventually.


Queen of Camelot, formally known as Hermione Granger. AU idiot who rides that royal dick like cray. Married The Doctor but decided he wasn't worth it because he wasn't royal. Had kids but no one really knows what happened to them. Also was Sherlock's blogger for a while. Married Amy Pond to Clara Oswin Oswald. 

Also Ash Fox occassionally. 


"Amazing." - literally everyday of her life

"suck my royal dick" 

"gotta go fast"

"No you're not. You're disloyal."


"It's 4 am and I'm attracted to a psychopathic vampire is this real life" 

"arthur love me and buy me more crowns snort"

"kristofferson is a much better fox than ash and i wish i was as cool as kristofferson" -everyday of her life

"My phone is going to die bc I have a broken charger. Is this a metaphor for my life"

"When Arthur appears again in going to fuck him so good that he'll be unable to get out bed in the morning and the knights will be joking about it for months."

"What if Cole has a double chocolate ice cream kink and likes to put it on my bc he loves it so much."



"I ship Perachel (Percy Jackson and Rachel Dare) and my friend is so angry, LOL" - August 29, 2012

created by the raddest fucker aroundEdit



personal experience

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