Bio Edit

Oliver (used to go by Jasper) is a 14 year old boy of the quotev community under the current URL @shissou who occasionally roleplays with others. Many people say he is just like Dipper Pines

His past URLs have been @princehomo, @overthewall, @lavapit, plus more which aren't in use.

He isn't very known in the community like he used to be because he stopped following so many people and only really talks to Domino (@PatchedUp)

Interests and fandoms Edit

-Gravity falls

-Over the garden wall

- AmazingPhil

Relationships Edit

Domino/ Gear - These two are very close being 'moirails', many are convinced they are secretly twins. Also know each other IRL

Liz - These two are pretty close, talking to each other when both are online

Quinn/Leo- Are in many of the same fandoms and have some in common but rarely talk

Faye- Know each other IRL, they seem very close commenting on each other posts but it is not entirely certain

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