Nightmare is a oc and K is the admin of this account. She has been on quotev since September 23, 2013. She is a very honest person. Stating what she believes in and doesn't care if anyone doesn't agree with her. If they want to argue with her, she'll most likely tell them to just unfollow, not wanting bitches to follow her.

Like said above. She is a roleplay account. She normally does script, but will do descriptive too. She only does script because she feels comfortable with it. She has many friends on quotev. She is also very well known for uploading artwork onto quotev.

Some of it is hers but others is bases from DA,on which she forgot where they came from seeing how her friend(s) send them to her on skype

She tends to draw her muses but her phone has low quality pictures

Neko (1)
Nightmare normally roleplays creepypasta, being known to rp that the most. But she rps a lot of other fandoms and anime as well. She tends to have a lot of multishipped muses, as well as a lot of yaoi rps.
Nigh (1)

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