Mother Mary, or cool mom, .emokidfrom2006 now .allsassnoclass is one of the most popular people on Quotev. She says she the 'Mother' of Quotev. which some people can agree that she is. Her follower count is over 4,000 as of late 2015. She's also been on Quotev since 2012. Mary has a few stories and an old OC reviewer

She is kin with the Maryams and Mom/Roxy Lalonde from the now-ended webcomic, Homestuck. Mary has created an original character, Theodora Finch, recently from her story Heart Set on America. From the time she had joined to the current time, she has had over 100 original characters.

This Quotev celebrity has gained a sense of infamy, due to her loud ways and the tendency to not take anyone else into consideration.

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