Mattmin, or Matty, is an active quotev user and the admin of the account @iwannabefree. As of 2017, she has gained over 5 followers.

About MattminEdit

Mattmin is a 17 year old girl with a passion for writing and different TV shows. The account she's currently running is the account she's had the longest, after account hopping in 2012-2013 due to account deletion and drama. Some of her favorite shows include Supernatural, Sherlock, and Reign. She also enjoys anime now and again.

She has a love of books, being very passionate about Harry Potter, her all-time favorite series. Try to avoid conflict with her about it as she will not drop the discussion. At all. Don't do it.

Published WorksEdit

Mattmin has a few things published, such as The Tedious Tale of Theodora Finch (400+ reads and 8+ hearts) andAre you a Dan, Phil, or Dil (3,000+ takers and 70+ hearts). She is terrible at updating things due to school, procrastination and losing interest.

Her original character, Mary, is the main protagonist in the Bully Scholarship Edition fanfiction Problem (900+ readers and 10+ hearts). Mattmin is an author, though the actual author remains anonymous as Info.

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