Magikid is an Australian Quotev user who joined in 2015 in order to find and create personality quizzes. However, he elapsed into writing in 2016 and continued writing stories until late 2017, where he had appeared to have moved to Wattpad. He then returned as the roleplay account Yuri-Kun (@DokiDokiError)

Fandom Edit

During Magikid’s early days on Quotev, he retained an interest in Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. As 2016 progressed, he showed an interest in Miraculous Ladybug, making his most read story (now deleted) White Wolf based around it. In March 2017, he created a Pokemon love story, A Matter Of Time, and created another story with Potatoes4Days (now inactiv.) As of 2018, his main interest appears to be Doki Doki Literature Club.