This loser here is actual trash, she's not well known but she started the lovely online community around 2 and a half years ago or something.


Lara always likes to have a clean and cute about me, but she get's annoyed if something wrong happens or if she can't find a template she likes, she changed her about at least once a month or something. Lara is a huge dork, and if you even talk to her she'll probably just have a panic attack srsly. Also if you don't reply in atleast a second, she automatically assumes you hate her, so reassurance is needed. She posts the odd rare selfie, five times a year maybe. So nobody probably knows what she looks like. She will have a friendly conversation with anyone, and she's pretty nice :) 

She has a couple of friends, she guesses. One of them is her IRL friend who goes under the username Dreame and her url is @DespairQueenOfPokespe She doesn't stop talking about that manga it's unreal but she's a pretty rad roleplayer, and super nice. 

Then there's the online friend Matt, Matt is super friendly and nice, and all around nice person :D their url is @kingstonish

But people that she talks to suddenly disappears and that upsets her. 

She is into alot of Japanese animations, T.V shows and films. She also seems to like some body horror, and cute things. She is also quite envious of those really popular pEOPLE WHO ARE SO POPULAR OTHER PEOPLE MAKE THEIR PAGES FOR THEM SO THIS IS WHY THE GIRL HERSELF IS DOING HER OWN PAGE. 

She likes to draw, and the odd poem, is also nice. She also sees herself as somewhat a creative writer. She has somewhat 0 self-confidence, which she understands fully. She's quite ditsy and not the smartest of the bunch but she tries. 

The girl also has Dycalculia, which is basically Maths Dyslexia and Dyspraxia which affects her whole body with motor and fine skills, she also suspects some parts of (GAD) General Anxiety Disorder, although she's not quite sure; looking them up would be really great the spread the awareness. 

Anyway, thank you. And if you're not part of Quotev, then join please! It's a really nice place to make friends, and talk about the things you love. And if you're already apart of the community, then thank you for taking your time reading.