Land of Booty is an account with 8 main muses including Francis Bonnefoy, Arthur Kirkland, Julchen Beilschmidt, Red Delaconnor, Nickel Cartier-Jenkens, Anita Kasumi, Jeff Macleoud, Luke, and the admin, Candace

There not a very popular account, and they are ooc. There mainly a hetalia account despise having characters from the show on the account. There url is @BowToMePeasants

England may offer you a scone, do not take it though. Red is fond of reviewing Mary Sues. It is not a rp account, and also the admin is awkward as hell. Julchen is really awesome. Land of Booty is love. Land of Booty is life. They are also known as Dildo Mafia. Dildo Mafia is love. Dildo Mafia is life


Theres Ashley Red Delaconnor who represents Miami, Florida (Call her Red), Francis Bonnefoy, the country of France, Arthur Kirkland, England (and theres also big Ben), Julchen Beilschmidt, who is really awesome, Nickole 'Nickel' Cartier-Jenkens, who is very bitchy at times, Jeff Macloud, who married a pineapple once, and Luke (I forget his last name)


The admin also changes the name to random shit (maybe even that), but there url is @BowToMePeasants. There admin's name is Candace.

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