Kyuketsuki refers to himself as Kyu, a shortened version of his name. His gender is really unknown, but prefers male pronouns and often calls himself, 'manly not cute'. He's had three different URLs in the past. Them being @AnimeLoverAndDreamer , @LetMeLiveMyLife , and his current one, @KohaiOfTheCentury . He isn't well known, but most who know him call him Kyu , Kohai, Kyu-kohai, Kyu-kun, or Kyu-chan. (Although Kyu-chan isn't often used.)


He isn't very self confident in his looks, so he tend to hide his face. If he has a picture up, he'll leave it for a few seconds, then delete it, hoping the one wanting to see it saw it at the moment and didn't save it.All known is that he is asian and has short black hair. Something he refers to as 'Anime boy hair".


Kyu has a very shy personality, but if you get past that and you're not his senpai( which is rare) He won't stutter as much around you. He is extremely awkward and gets uncomfortable very easily. He oftens just watches the others he follows from a distance and barely actually speaks on the Recent Activity board. He oftens types with different styles. He can type with how you write. Good grammar, spelling, all that jazz. Then he can type like a manic where its hard to decipher and only those who have the same typing style can understand it. He also has the no caps or anything grammar. Almost like Dave Strider.


Kyu has many obsessions. Such as Anime, homestuck, and others. He is infatuated with roleplaying, as his profile at the current moment are the Sakamaki Brothers from Diabolik lovers.