Korea "Corra" Tachibana, or @lostinseax (currently @stressdisorder), is a Filipino female raised in the United States--specifically, California.  She manages multiple accounts, like @inklingswastingtime (currently @sinhalethememes), @lostincx (her confirmed backup account), and @jorjicostava.  She has activated her account on January 2, 2014, but claims that she had actually discovered Quotev on December of 2013.


Corra claims to be a generally nice person, but she contradicts herself when her more specific about me journal entry that she's "pretty mean, sometimes nice, also very salty".  She actually introduces herself on @inklingswasting time as bubbly, energetic, and friendly except in competition, where she's highly aggressive and devious, then again when her page claims she's "energetic, yet bashful--however, aggressive yet tactical on the field."  She claims to have crippling depression and she seems to dislike many things.

She claims to contribute to her own pages about her (like she is doing now, lol), oftentimes editing every few minutes or so (seen by her page on IaOWT).  She is sometimes seen to be double-sided, because she has multiple online personalities that she somehow keeps up with.  She has the Instagram @.lostinseax, but she also has the Instagram @.monochromezi.  Her Twitter, began in 2015, was being altered over fall of 2016 to be like @.lostinseax.  Her NNID is @.MonochromeZi (or somewhere in the lines of that), and her other handles are between @.lostinseax or @.monochromezi.