Her Current Profile Picture

Jill, or comonly known as, Kano u not or Dead ginger, Veerus or Grandma [@Veerus]. No one knows its real gender but, I'm calling it 'She' for now. They have been a subject of Quotev since May 7, 2013.


No one really knows what the Jill looks like, so we'll just think she looks like a freaking platypus.


Jill is often shown to freak out easily when her friends are going to do something for her. Like she is actually doing when her friend Sabrina [@heartbreaker] is doing now by creating this page.

Jill is usually fan girling over either Kagerou Project or Psycho Pass. She currently has a crush over Kano along with a friend of hers known as Gabriella [or Sky], and they usually mark things as #JustJillandSkythings

More will be addded later

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