BIO Edit

Gear (also known as Domino/Dom) is a young contributor to the Quotev community under the URL of @DominoSenpaiuwu.

She might sometimes write or post quizzes, but not often.

She's known as "a precious babu" because of her young age compared to most of the community.


Gear has the following interests that are shown:






Relationships Edit

Danny Friend

Megan Friend

Grace Friend

Jasper Moirail

Maiah Also moirail

Lilac Friend

Quotes Edit

"lmao hi im gear and you're watching didney channel"

"Well it seems you have been transported elsewhere. And now you seem to be examining your HANDS, you have not seen them before, They are so WEIRD."


"i showed my dad shrek is love shrek is life and now he wont stop saying its all oger now"

"well butter my butt and call me a biscuit"

"im gonna be honest i hate my past self so mu ch"

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