Other wise known as Zayn by his many followers, he is one of the popular accounts on Quotev. Even though he says he isn't, he just is. Having about 1K followers or more, in his latest poll 46 people voted that they would want to have a relationship with him. Although the votes for having sex from him is higher at about 111 votes, or more if people happen to stumble upon his account and contribute to the thirst of this guy, it is evident that everyone whom follows him absolutely adores him. And they are not wrong for adoring him. Though he does have his flaws at taking a million years to respond to one's comment, or worse if he decides to spam you randomly while you're at work or doing something that requires you to be very busy. He is daddy as fuck, and makes sexual ra's frequently that make the whole feed horny.

Overall, he's a badass.

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