Electric Six- Gay Bar (Uncensored Version) (w lyrics)02:29

Electric Six- Gay Bar (Uncensored Version) (w lyrics)

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lol here u go

Commander Douchebag is a young girl who enjoys talking with her friends, cosplaying, and voice acting.

Her real name is Jayden, but she does like being called Douchebag. Douche had recieved that name after playing The Stick Of Truth. Even though her age is unknown, people have taken multiple guesses on what her age would be; 11, 14, 13, and even 16.

her url is kindergoth


Over the internet, Jayden may seem like an unemotional robot upon first meeting her, but you will eventually see the side where she freaks out over everything, cries over things, and starts using a lot of capital letters. In real life, though, she is a very hyper person that tries to be cool and calm. Because of this, she has gained plenty of friends. Once someone in real life meets her, she may change them completely by telling them about ships and various fandoms.

Jayden also gains crushes on people rather easily, and will end up hugging them a lot once close enough.


Douchebag is in many fandoms, including South Park, DHMIS, Dangan Ronpa, and many more.

Once she gets into a new fandom that she really likes, she will dedicate her entire profile to the fandom, and will post about that fandom almost every single day. This doesn't happen very often, though. Usually, she would obsess over that fandom for about 3 to 4 months, then will eventually get into another fandom. She will talk about the fandoms she is not obsessing over at the time, though, so feel free to talk to her about your fandoms.

Fandoms aren't the only thing she likes. Douchebag also likes music genres such as indie, lo-fi, metal, pop, and MANY more. As with the fandoms, she will obsess over certain music artists for about 1 to 2 months and will talk about them all of the time until she finds a music artist she likes better than the previous one.

Also gay porn.

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