The Captor (Formerly @twinArmageddons, now @Superjail) was a Quotev user that roleplayed as Sollux Captor. They joined Quotev on July 13, 2012 but their first account was deleted. Their current Quotev account has been active since October 17, 2012. The Captor is now a dead username, left in 2014. This user is now Jasper.


The Captor's real name is Haley. They enjoyed roleplaying as Sollux Captor back in 2012, but slowly lost the passion once 2014 came.

They were known in the Homestuck fandom on Quotev, and was looked up to in a way. Older users were familiar with The Captor and some looked up to them for some reason. As more Homestuck roleplayers came in, roleplaying became less enjoyable for them and decided to give up roleplaying.

From 2014 - mid 2015, they became a personal account. They stopped going by The Captor and went by their real name, Haley. For the next year and a half, they talked to their friends and shitposted on their account. Although, having too many people following them and following too many people stressed them out, so they moved accounts.

The Captor was the original creator of the My Nyas? wiki page which will never be forgotten. 


The Captor now goes by Jasper. Jasper (@JackSpicer) is now on a smaller account following friends only. They are part of a friend group called the Problematic Crew which consists of mostly older teens who were kicked out of the old friend group for being "problematic". Nowadays, Jasper just talks to their friends, posts artwork, and is currently trying to sell their artwork. Jasper has changed since 2015, and has grown to be a more mature and understanding person.

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