Cλϻρ Hεllнσlε.κ (more commonly known as Kitty or Ice) has been on Quotev for longer than she can remember. During her time here, she had made multiple friends such as Ally (or Cream Kit as her YouTube channel is called), who deleted her profile twice due to unknown reasons. Two-Bit (or Two-Bitch), who sadly stopped talking to Kitty. Jay (or Blue Bird), who has been there for Kitty ever since he joined in the month of February. Anna (or Sweetie), who, along with Jay, has sat by Kitty's side since February. Pluto (or Fiona), Kitty's transgender friend who ended up being her friend after trying to find a place for support. Salt (or Salty), the ""girlfriend"" of Pluto. Though this has actually been confirmed as not true, Kitty still likes to think they're cute together. Grey (or Liza), who is the girlfriend of Anna. However, these are not the only friends Kitty has.

Kitty currently has a boyfriend, who treats her perfectly, but doesn't talk to her as often after he moved schools. Kitty wants to get out of the relationship, but doesn't want to hurt her boyfriend's feelings. She currently has a crush on three of her friends, as she falls in love too easily. Kitty is a homosexual and a biromantic, and supports everyone, no matter who they are. (Except if they're homophobic. That's a no go).

Though she is unknown by most, she tries her best to be a good person and interact with people despite her social anxiety. She enjoys stale memes, dad jokes, and plenty of other things. She currently has an obsession with all blonde people being cultists. (Seriously Kitty, let it go).

Kitty tends to joke about some pretty serious things, BUT she never means to offend anyone and tries her best to tag what she deems as "offensive" for people say they happen to stumble upon her page. Her DeviantArt (KittyStartsMeowing) is a little less flourishing than her YouTube channel (Anything Is Pawsible), with 8 watchers on DA and 15 subscribers on YouTube. (Which, she considers as an accomplishment).