Angela Edit

A Quotev user who is not very ambiguous, but not very popular either. It is probably also important to know that Angela is in fact her second name, and she won't tell you her first unless you ask her cousin, Dan (A.K.A THE DANKIEST BOI YOU COULD EVER MEET!!!11!!ONE!) . She has been using Quotev ever since 2013, and has no further intention of stopping, or at least that's what most people think. She also upholds the title of 'Super Higschool Level Rice Eater,' one she calls a 'Title most noble.'

Appearance Edit

Angela does show her face around Quotev, and it is often seen through Dan's snapchat photos, edited photos of her, and Try-hard selfies. She is of Asian descent, specifically, Chinese. She has long, black hair that is usually seen tied up, fair skin and Dark Brown eyes which have been diagnosed with pure near-sightedness. Therefore, she wears glasses, and much to her chagrin, she cannot bear without them.

Several pictures, and her glasses have changed quite a few times. That's because she's also described as being 'too fickle' and often changes glasses.

Personality and Interests Edit

Angela, although not a roleplay account, is a very experienced and often Roleplayer. She has been at it for roughly since 2011, and has eventually grown to be a hobby. Although, her easily stressed nature has become a problem if you give her a time limit to reply. She also enjoys ninja movies, musicals, anime, and Shounen-ai.

She is described as particularly sarcastic and cynical, with a sharp tongue she can't even hold during class. Because of this, many people tend to stay awry of her – but she doesn't mind. She is also described to be a hermit, opting death rather going to a Birthday party. Although struggling in school, she has won numerous praises for her essay writing skills, and often fills up the whole paper.

She is a bit self-loathing, influenced deeply by a certain cousin's scorn, but she chooses not to show it.

She likes to 'snort and sass,' as she calls it.

Truth be told, she has no idea what it means either.

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