Their name, or what they call themselves on the site; is apparently Astro. They used to prefer the name 'Kelsey' though, but soon changed it after a couple of months. They seem very fragile when it comes to gender mentions, even though they prefer any pronoun. Their sexuality is Pansexual, and also have a liking for cats, along with snakes. Their previous favorite animal was actually an owl to begin with. Their appearance is preferred to be unknown at the moment since this is a public page, and all.


They joined the site around June through July of the year 2013, they are usually known for their "popular" layouts and "funny" posts on the feed. Even though their Quotev is rather heard every once in awhile, or just underrated. From what they've mentioned (several times actually) on the feed, they utterly despise the word "popular".

Originally a writer on the site, but eventually ended up becoming a Roleplay account. Every once in awhile with speaking about them, their personality is actually quite mixed with various of different thoughts, and opinions. They are very "caring" from what others have mentioned, and is painfully straightforward with practically any topic you can think of. Unfortunately, they don't talk much about their past life, or even family since it automatically makes them reminded of how terrible it was; it's best not bringing up the topic around them. Their previous URL was @imnotahero, on the site of Quotev.


They've had a couple of troublesome relationships, which also included drama from others point of view, and possibly even knew themselves they've had rather dramatic experiences with relationships. Even so, it was usually handled after awhile. The names of their ex's are going to remain silent, just for the respect of others and the actual person itself.


From what I know, (the writer currently typing this at the moment), they're actually quite loyal, kind, and sweet: they're pretty funny too at times. Although there are moments when their personality can sorta "drag off" and they can become utterly and brutally blunt with people. Disregarding about their straightforwardness, they can also be really sensitive as well, as they also have various of mood changes; it's a fact that they have anxiety for who knows how long, maybe a few years, and they also can be very temperamental but they try to remain calm as possible.

Apparently, they also enjoy to make others smile and laugh since it seems to be one of their aims and even reasons why they are even still on such a "dramatic" site.