Space TV (@chapter6k) is a Quotev writer who uses Tumblr to share their stories to a wider audience. Being a night owl they upload and update late at night. During random days and times they'll be posting in their activity and cleaning up story drafts. They are asexual/hetroromantic and have social anxiety. They have stated on multiple occasions that if messaged they'd take a while to respond because they're "working up the nerve" and that they don't do follows for follows because "it means less if they only follow you because you did first and not because your stories are interesting"

Current StoriesEdit

Perfect Life Cassandra wants nothing more then to live her dream. She always wanted to have a beautiful life with a sweet and nice husband. She instead got the entire unbelievable opposite. She soon learns that her parents had offered her heart to a vampire prince, before she was born, to end an unknown war between the vampires and the mortals.

Life's Greatest Illusion Ava, a girl broken so badly, there's very little chance she would ever be fixed. Suicide seemed to be her only escape. Now, after her death, her ex-friend Emma struggles to do the right thing. She hides the truth to protect herself and tries to ignore her guilt.

She Will Not Go To School Today Tells the short story of a girl not wanting to go to school for fear of judgment and abuse.

Fuck My Life A collection of true stories from their life. In this you can see their embarrassments, struggles, and their complicated life.

Poetry I Guess A collection of poetry they had written as a vent. This story may never be marked as complete because they "may want to add more over time"

All In The Past She loved, she lost, she cried, she shut down. She was lost, with the love of her life gone forever, her heart shattered in a million pieces. She left her friends, transferring to another school, in hopes of getting another chance to live again, without him...

A Killer Friendship Alena Jazer and Bon Mot have been friends since elementary school. They tell each other everything, no matter how strange or off-putting it may be. Alena even knows Bon's deepest secret...

Websites Edit

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