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She is best known for roleplaying 'Canada' from Hetalia.

Jen is the administrator of ɤ ƇαηαɗιαηἿcє ɤ (@Contraptionated), a rather popular account, especially among the geek culture fandom.

She works on Quotev as a recreational writer, and a critic, though she is most well known for roleplaying 'Canada' from the popular anime Hetalia, proudly profiling her resident country's stereotypes, and making historical interpretations.

She recently celebrated her third anniversary of having her account (as she registered May 25th of 2013).

Her account had been inactive until Fall 2013, and is now in full swing. She has been suspended twice, though she has two backup accounts.

Works Edit

One of her best works is featured in the picture on the right.


Suetalia: MSR (Full name: Suetalia: OC and Mary Sue Review) is a Hetalia character review which is expanding to become a multi-fandom centre for entertainment, comedy, and of course, painfully honest criticism, which is something Jen has been known for, ever since her account began it's rise to fame at the beginning of 2014.

She is also the author of a few fanfictions, including the better known 'Hetalia Game Show', which is a crossover between Survivor: Cagayan and, of course, Hetalia itself.

Other Facts Edit

She is a 'comedian in her own right', as she calls it, and is frequently posting over the RA, all sorts of pictures, edits, and jokes, which range from sweet, stupid, to downright dirty and very much Not-Safe-For-Work.

She is known for gigs such as Mathieu x Barrel (a mock segment on the RA, based off of Hetalia Canada's love of beer, and PewDiePie's supposed distaste), 'D*ckVogue Magazine' (a roleplay magazine company that doesn't actually exist), and 'Yaoi Hands' (bad anatomy in manga, most usually in homoerotic story works, which usually involves oversized hands, tiny heads, and blocky bodies).

I've always wanted to be a comedian," She says frequently in her stories and posts. "Do you think I could do it? You know - be funny. Do you think I'm funny?"

She is also in the About Me architecture business, and has débuted in the Quotev world with some stunning profile makeovers.

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